Yet Another Sleepless Night


Nothing’s gonna changed tonight

Every evening seems the same

And another stupid fight

Thinking you’re the one to blame


Yet another day goes by

Will this nightmare ever end?

Love is not enough to buy

This house to be a home again


It’s no wonder why and who

Through this hopeless night

Want to break my heart in two

Don’t you think I’m right?


Why can’t I stop to cry ?

Even though I’m not in pain

Tell my empty heart you lie

When you’re leaving home again


I will try to hide another tear

Screwing up the best time ever

I wish I could just disappear

Can I stop to cry forever ?


To understand the reasons why

The days that were so beautiful

Cannot be right in one more try

With memories of loving you


As you look around my place tonight

Freezing smile cause fear came up

You will see the pain and fight

Watching life to find the trap


I hate myself for trying to erase

Everything between the sky and sea

Nothing seems to be the proper ways

Darkness still’s surrounding me


I can’t fall asleep killing the pain

I creep under my bed in tears

Asking myself where is my brain

That for the night still disappears


Monster trapped the light of day

Crawling out the anger of my fight

Crashing down my hopeless pray

Gives no way to end this night!


That is me who lost your way

Hidden in the end of room

All I see are shades of gray

Wait! I’ll be stronger soon…


Sleepless nights are all too long

Let it end this night for me

Let your eyes do’t look so wrong

Oh my God, please let it be!



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