Calling all memories


Every time I see your angry face,

No more details that could be found

But ashes of memories you can’t erase,

Still mocking me and all around.


Now my heart is made of stone,

And even all the world beauties,

Won’t change it before I’m gone,

Imposing myself new duties.


And you look at me taking shower,

Puzzled by cold look in my eyes.

I’m gone, despite the freezing power

Of your crazy, paranoid cries.


In my loneliness I feel free,

But I realized I wouldn’t be my own,

When the darkness embraced me,

And my hiding place was shown.


You don’t think I’d like to see

The casing I built for myself,

But that just wouldn’t be me,

I’ve never been a good elf.


And I’m fine when you think I’m not,

Don’t heat the game and don’t revert.

I’m guarded lest you blight, that’s what

Gives me the way I wouldn’t be hurt.


Do not bother my sensitivity,

After the war, we need a drink,

Washed out of feelings community,

Though not as hurtful, as we think


Pointing us to wrong direction,

Killing thrill that warms us still.

In indifference no affection,

No forgiveness, we can’t chill.


Even you can’t sing due to „bad weather”,

Already we can ignore all melodies,

Since we are not chosen to spin together

In crazy dance of our souls and bodies.


To wade through your life with no anger,

Just keep in mind the way, the hint –

You mustn’t give up but don’t drop a clanger,

Willing to start the fire and blow the wind.


But … I just am the wind, I am the fire,

Remember my tenacity to strive

To keep up with the light, I’m not a liar,

Ignoring the darkness I will survive!



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