Anatomy of heart


Are you clever enough

To discover straight path

To the human body part

Seen in any kind of art?

Maybe you have never seen…

What? I’ll tell you what I mean!

A little nook in body dome

Where all stars are from

Where moonlight is born

Where is conscience worn

Where lives a mystery of life

Where is silence of afterlife

Where butterflies start to fly

Where is no place for hate or lie

Where spirit can take a place

Where curiousity leaves trace

Where sunlight beam gives cold

Where ice seems to be warm

Where smile can crush a wall

Where doubt lets you to haul

Where anger changes to gladness

Where joy’s inspired by sadness

And the sparkle of love

Grows to be enough

Strong, like nuclear fusion,

And it’s not just an illusion.

Do you know this place?

I mean a heart, not a face!

So, if you can see these all above

And your feelings source is the love,

Stay there for me, please,

Trapped in my memories…



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